Star Cheerleader Fashion Salon

As one of the hottest cheerleaders, you’re going to do awesome at the upcoming Super American Football competition. It’s time to get your game face on with a day at the salon.

You’re getting ready to cheer your heart out at the Super American Football competition, but want to look your best. Time for your beauty and fashion routine. You’ll need to hit the beauty salon to get ready. At the salon, you can get some fun spa treatments. Plus, you need to do the perfect makeup to look amazing while cheering on your team to victory. Dress up in the best cheerleader outfit to complete your look.

How to Play:
• Cheerleaders Rule!
• You’re going to rock the upcoming competition with your fellow cheerleaders.
• You’re very excited, but it’s time to get ready.
• The beauty salon is calling your name.
• Start off with spa treatments that will make your skin look fantastic.
• Follow that up with a fun cheerleader makeup that matches your team colors.
• Dress up in your favorite cheerleader outfit.
• You’re finally ready!
• Wow, the judges with all of your skill and expertise.
• You’ll be number 1!

Your big chance is coming up at the cheerleader competition. You know that you are going to rock the stage, you just need to take a moment to look your best. Download now to start your salon experience.

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