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Take care of baby in the this amazing babysitter game where many creative and fun activities take place.

Take care of Baby in this cute girl game! Bathe her, change her diapers, put her to bed for her nap and prepare some healthy food for the adorable toddler. loves her toys! Play with her and teach her some notes on the piano. She’s so talented! Finally, you can select a beautiful costume and dress her up for a party with her friends. They will be impressed!

– Dress up little babies.
You can choose from a variety of cute clothes for boys and girls.

– Yummy!
Babies need a delicious food several times a day. Prepare many different types of food, or slice some fresh fruit that is full of vitamins. Don’t forget to use a napkin.

– it’s bedtime!
Baby is tired and sleepy after so much playing. Give him his favorite toy and dummy to get a good night’s sleep. Cover the baby with a funky bedspread. Now, everything is fine to rock the baby and lull him to sleep.

– Find toys in a nursery!
Toys are everywhere. Help the baby search for hidden toys. Keep your eyes peeled and find what the baby needs.

– Playground fun
Outdoor activities offer endless fun for kids! Learn how to grow flowers or sort apples and enjoy while saving the birds. You can spent some great time with babies at the playground slide.

> Baby care fun time! Babysit so many cute babies – including newborn baby cuties, baby twins and toddlers, in your favourite new babysitting kids game!
> Bake cookies with the babies and feed them yummy and healthy snacks and lunches.
> Babies LOVE bubbles. Let them splash around in a bubble bath.
> Take the little cuties to the playground and play with them in the sandbox.

Enjoy with Fabulous Fun…

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